Digital Citizenship

It's everyone's responsibility!
The Del Mar Union School District has a structured technology curriculum that teaches children in grades K - 6 about Digital Citizenship and what it means to be a good digital citizen. Discussions include the importance of adhering to district policies, respect for all technology equipment, respect for other students' work, cyber bullying and how to be safe in cyber space.

How you can support the on-going efforts of the Del Mar School District

  • Model and practice good digital citizenship at home
  • Support the integration of technology (Google Apps and Typing Club)
  • Monitor what your children do on the internet, especially any social networking sites they may belong to.
  • Check the logs and cache on your home computer(s)
  • Model appropriate use of cell phones
  • Talk to your children about digital citizenship and what to do if they encounter inappropriate content.

Websites you might find helpful in your effort to support good digital citizenship and Internet safety at home

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