We are educating for the future and forging a path for tomorrow’s innovative, global thinkers.

Mission Statement
Del Mar Union Schools provide a nurturing, inspiring, and rigorous educational program for each of our students. With a collaborative community and dedicated staff, we continually evolve to develop:
  • Well-rounded and fulfilled individuals.
  • Motivated lifelong learners.
  • Future leaders prepared for the challenges of a changing world.

Core Values
We believe:
  • Every individual needs to be valued.
  • Everyone has the right to be safe.
  • The unique abilities of each child need to be identified and developed.
  • Lifelong learning is an expectation for children and adults.
  • Collaboration among students, staff, parents and community leads to success.
  • Our children are future leaders.
  • In honesty, integrity, and transparency.
  • In treating others with respect.
  • In forward thinking and action.
  • In the principles of democracy.

Core Strategies
  • Educational Program: We will implement and assess a comprehensive educational program based on 21st Century learning skills to educate the whole child.
  • Technology: Every student will actively use technology to develop 21st Century skills within a safe and secure digital environment.
  • Professional Learning: The professional learning program which includes time for planning, collaboration, and inservices, will support ALL district employees to provide a nurturing, inspiring, and rigorous educational program.
  • Communication: We will facilitate communication with stakeholders at every level consistent with our core values to promote our mission and to achieve our vision.
  • Funding: We will maintain a stable level of funding resources necessary to fulfill our mission.
  • External Relations: We will establish partnerships with corporate entities and community members.
  • Facility Optimization: We will develop a plan to maximize functional use of facilities.
  • Student Safety and Well-being: We will provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages student engagement and individual ownership of learning.