Welcome to 5th Grade! 


Curriculum Outline

1.  Literacy:
         A.  Daily 5 - Book Club Reading Groups
         B.  Houghton Mifflin Reading Program district piloting new materials fall 2016

         C.  Vocabulary/Spelling: "English from the Roots Up", Rebecca Sitton Spelling program

         D.   Speaking / Presentations: Discovery Quest, poems, plays, creative writing stories, reader’s theater, etc.

         E.   Writing : Nancy Fetzer program for Narrative, Opinion, Informative/Expository; Reading Response, Journals

         F.  Literature - Sign of the Beaver, Woods Runner, True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

2. Social Studies: America History
         A. The First Americans
         B. Explorations and Encounters
         C. Our Colonial Heritage
         D.  The American Revolution
         E. The New Nation
         F. Our Nation Grows
3. Science (Next Generation Science Standards NGSS):
         A.Matter, Motion, & Energy
         B. Molecules & Organisms
         C. Ecosystems
         D. Earth's Place in the Universe & Earth Systems
         E. Earth and Human Activity
         F. Engineering Design
4. Math:
         A. Pearson Investigations Math
          B. Cognitively Guided Instruction
          C. Number Talks
      A. Art
      B. Music
      C. Science
      D. Technology
      E. Physical Education