Welcome to First Grade

Welcome to First Grade!!

We have had a wonderful start to our first grade year!  
Your children are already doing a fantastic job learning the routines and rules of our classrooms. 

Thank you
First Grade Supplies
We would like to thank you for the supplies you sent in, 
as well as, the donations for Raz Kids and Spelling City.  
We greatly appreciate all of your support!  
We are still accepting supplies if you have not sent them in.  
We ask that you please do not label your child's name of the supplies.

Our Educational Philosophy

We believe in the “Total” Child – As both parents and teachers we feel it is extremely important to balance both the academic and social needs of our children. Academically, we provide Del Mar Union’s excellent, well researched, common core and state-standards (CCSS) based curriculum infused with our experience, expertise, and individual personalities.  Using this curriculum, we are able to foster a love of learning, genuine curiosity, problem solving skills, and the solid building blocks of all subject areas necessary for future learning.  Socially, we provide a safe, warm, loving, age appropriate environment where students feel comfortable to work as a team, respect everyone and every thing, and at the same time, build individual integrity.  It is our belief that during instructional minutes at school, we have the opportunity to grow and learn not only from our books, but also from each other.  

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Kathryn Sullivan
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