Meet Mr. Bettig

Fred Web
How it all began...

       My passion for teaching began years ago when I was interacting with my then 5 year old son.  He bombarded me with questions about the world he observed around him, eager to learn, curious about how things worked, trusting of my explanations and always wanting more. Inside of me, a spark was ignited as I found such joy in watching the "Aha" moments when he would reach an understanding of a concept.  I feel so fortunate because each year I get to start with a new group of students and experience the same joy I felt with my own son.  With each child begins a journey of discovery and I accept the challenge of creating an environment that will push them to become more independent and to become self-motivated by learning to have pride in a job well done.  The goal is to develop an awareness of their gifts and a desire to strive for their full  potential. I am grateful that you have entrusted me with your children and am honored to play even a small part in creating lifelong learners.

A little about my life...

     I received my B.A. in Psychology at UCLA and completed some Masters work in psychology at SDSU.   After deciding to enter the education field, I returned to school and received my Masters in Teaching from Azusa Pacific University. I have played piano since age 6, and still enjoy playing and writing original compositions. Keeping active in the music field, I still have ownership in 2 retail Music Stores, which focus on education and the beginning musician.  Most of my spare time is spent with my two children.  My son Brad, 18, is very active with club soccer.  He graduated from TPHS last year and is attending Mira Costa for his general ed.    My daughter Jessie, 15,  has rediscovered her love of dance and spends 4 to 5 days a week at her dance studio. She will begin her second year of CCA and hopes to continue her dream in the performing arts. Needless to say, as with many of you with your children, they keep me very busy.