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Preschool Party

This summer is going to be fun!  
Join us as we explore Science, Technology, English/Literacy, and Math through four interesting themes.  
Session 1:  America the Beautiful & The Great Outdoors
In this session, children will learn about the wonderful land we call home.  From geography and landscapes to individual, their people and characteristics, children will enjoy hands-on learning.  Session 1 welcomes the Living Coast Discovery Museum's presentation of "Move It!" This presentation address mobility of people and animals in the American landscape.   
Session 2:  Out of This World & Beach Buddies 
In this session, children will explore the world above us and below us.  From space and the solar system to oceans and those that depend on them, children will enjoy hands-on learning.  Session 2 welcomes The Ruben H. Fleet Science Center's presentation of "The Solar System." 
Of course, each session will be filled with daily music/movement, read-aloud stories, arts and craft, center based free play, outdoor games, and water days.  
Preschoo Party