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Here's our most recent Torrey Hills  Update with our new Student Council representative news anchors: Katherine and Tyler.

Here's a message from Mrs. Hopper, our  ESC Technology Teacher:
TH Tech Lab  
As you may have heard, the students and I have been doing the "Hour of Code" in the Tech Lab. Let me tell you it has been absolutely AMAZING to see the spark of understanding appear on your children's faces.  All of our first through sixth graders are learning how to create computer programming code! And they are clamoring for more, more, more... So if you want to follow up at home and nurture your little programmer onto greater levels, here's how:
*Grades 3-6 have created their own "accounts" using their DMUSD GoogleDocs user-number & password. They should go to this website: http://learn.code.org
Click "Sign In" in the top right corner, enter their u/n & p/w then continue on wherever stage they left off. There are 20 Stages (20 hours), with puzzles and video tutorial lessons all throughout to guide them in understanding each phase of writing JavaScript. It begins by using simple blocks to snap commands together and expands to actual code commands as they understand more.
*Grades 1-2 did not create accounts, but they can continue their practice at http://code.org/learn and click on the "Beginners Tutorials" GO button to work their way through the Angry Bird commands skill set.
*If You, or any other family/friends would like to create accounts and and work through the online tutorials (starts easy and evolves to quite challenging) then go to http://code.org/join and enter this:  DKAPEO   to join our school, create an account and get started. (I highly recommend everyone who wants to try it! Then you will at least to appreciate the apps & software we frequently use.) If you complete all 20 stages and are still wanting more, then go to http://code.org/learn and scroll down for more free online tutorials to work/learn/struggle and have fun with! Good Luck!

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