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Workers Compensation


What To Do if You Are Injured on The Job

  • Notify your Supervisor or Administrative Assistant immediately.

  • Your Supervisor or Administrative Assistant will give you a Workers' Compensation Claim Form. If you would like to visit a Workers' Compensation physician you should complete the "Employee" section of the form, keep one copy for yourself, and return it to your supervisor, who will complete the "Employer" section of the form and give you a signed and dated copy as well as provide one copy to the claims administrator, who is responsible for handling your claim and notifying you about your eligibility for benefits. (If you do not want to visit a physician, no further action is needed and you do not need to complete the form.)

  • If you require medical treatment, a Medical Provider Network physician (or other health care provider) is available for you to see. The MPN network provider will become your primary care physician and will provide the necessary and appropriate treatment for your work related injury. Your primary care physician will direct your care overall and refer to specialists as required within the MPN. A CorVel nurse may be assigned to interact with you, your provider and employer. A map to DMUSD's Workers' Comp Medical Center Location is available at the top of this page. If you require medical treatment, you should visit a workers' compensation physician on the same day that you are injured, if possible. The MPN network, listing of the health care providers, is available from your employer MPN contact person, your claims adjuster, or online at At any time you are choosing a physician, you have the right to select from the entire MPN.

  • After visiting a physician, please submit a copy of your doctor's note to the Human Resources Department. If any followup appointments are necessary, doctors' notes from each of those appointments should also be submitted to Human Resources.

  • If you are on Business-Related Travel or away from your work site when an injury occurs, call your supervisor/manager to report your injury immediately. They will help you in seeking medical attention. In case of emergency seek immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency facility.