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    { Ms. Whipple in Blantyre, Malawi 2017 + Levi Summer 2018 }

    This summer was a summer of rest, and oh how wonderful it was! I took much time this summer to simply soak up family, the sun, the couch, books, friends, delicious bites, and of course, Levi. That being said, I had much time this summer to rejuvenate and dream up this next school year. And upon receiving the news that I would have the opportunity to teach a 5/6 combo again, I immediately began to dream BIG

    In dreaming BIG as I begin my seventh year in the classroom at Carmel Del Mar School, teaching a multi-grade level classroom experience with fifth and sixth graders, I am reminded of the power and importance of dreams. Dreams keep us going, hoping, and moving toward what we perceive to be great. Dreams seek to set intentions as we pursue ambition and reach for success.  This year we will seek to dream BIG as a class, branded as the Dream TEAM, as we learn, innovate, and empower each other in order to impact the world at large.   

    With big dreams leading the charge, we will be taking on a year as the Dream TEAM that will be marked by many failures that will ultimately lead us, no doubt, to abundant success. As as a team, our mission is to learn, and to learn well. Our fancy classroom and fancy technologies are just a bonus on this mission.  Ultimately, this thing called LEARNING takes being fearless, an attitude of gratitude, empowerment, and dreaming BIG.

    My dream for this new year is that your child meets learning with a passion fueled by interest.    

    My dream is that your child lives curiously this year, dwelling in inquiry as a means of developing an attitude of a lifelong learner.

    My dream is that your child gains an understanding of how learning is a doorway through which we can enter to positively influence the world at large.

    My dream is that your child further experiences the joy of humanity and what is means to respectfully interact and care for one another.

    My dream is that your child learns the beauty of embracing failure in order to succeed.

    And lastly, but certainly not least, my dream is that every child has a year of fun, filled with the volume of laughter!

    With that ALL said, welcome to the Dream TEAM! I can hardly wait to see you all. Our classroom door is always open and you are always invited. Join us and journey with us as a year of dreaming BIG begins. We are in this TOGETHER! 

    Much Love,

    Ms. Whipple


    CONTACT// email: awhipple@dmusd.org // phone: (858) 481-6789 ext. 3533