• Welcome to an exciting year of learning in Second Grade!

    Dear Second Grade Dragons, 


    Greetings from Carmel Del Mar.  Welcome to second grade!  We hope you had many fun adventures with your family and friends this summer.  We have been very busy preparing the classrooms and planning an exciting year. 


    On the first day of school, we will meet you at your classroom door at 8:00.  We will help you sort your supplies in class. You can place your pencil boxes, markers, and colored pencils inside your new desk! Doing so will help us get off to an orderly start. Let your parent/s know that they are also welcome to see your desk and take a quick look at your home away from home.

    We would love to read a letter from you.  What did you do this summer?  Who lives in your home, and what do you love about your family?  What language(s) do you speak?  Who is your best friend, and what do you like to do after school?  Do you enjoy sports?  Do you play a musical instrument?  How much time do you spend watching television or playing electronic games?  Who is your favorite author? If you have a favorite subject, what is it?  Is there anything else you would like me to know about you?


    We look forward to meeting you on the first day of school and having a terrific year full of learning!


    See you soon!


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