• Meet JJ Mokiao (Mo-key-ow) 


    JJ attended San Diego State University and earned a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Philosophy, she earned her teaching credential at United States International University, and a master's degree in Educational Leadership. She returned to school at Alliant University and earned an administrative credential.  JJ is CLAD certificated, has GATE certification, and is a Fellow at University of California San Diego with the San Diego Area Writing Project.

    Mrs. Mokiao is passionate about education and technology. Whether it's blogs, podcasting, or Chrome Books, she's always looking for new ways to incorporate technology into education.  She believes technology makes learning fun, and that kids are already using tools like the Web, iPods/iPads, and cell phones, so educators should do everything they can to incorporate technology into the classroom!

    When not working JJ enjoys spending time with her husband and son, reading, shopping :), skiing, paddle boarding, and playing at the beach.

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