•  Miss Markarian
     Meet Mrs. Butcher....
          I am so excited for this school year!  A little about me...I am originally from St. Louis.  Go Blues and Cards!  Then I made my way to University of Colorado, Boulder and had a wonderful four years in the mountains.  I got sick of the cold and decided to take off to California for the beach.  San Diego is my home now and has been for the last 15 years.  Upon my arrival, I started teaching aerobic dance classes for a nonprofit organization aimed at keeping children fit and healthy.  I loved teaching so much that I dove back into school and completed my teaching credential.  I student taught at Del Mar Hills and was enamored with the district.  I then took a long-term substitute position and fell in love with Ashley Falls.  I stayed on as the librarian for the remainder of the year, even though I had to endure the "Ms. Markarian the Librarian" (maiden name) extended nickname.  I was hired the following year to teach first grade and remained there for two years.  Eventually, I traveled to 2nd grade and this will be my eighth year teaching second graders.  I am fortunate to work here and love the students and families at Ashley Falls. 
          In April of 2016, we welcomed a sweet baby girl.  I'm sure the kids will hear all of my silly stories about my new adventures with Riley!  When I'm not teaching I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, reading, running/working out, yoga, hiking, shopping, going to concerts, cooking or dining out and spending time with friends.  When I visit my family in St. Louis, I love playing with my wild and fun loving nephew Kolten!  Looking forward to a fantastic year!