The Infant/Toddler Component
    (Serves children ages 6 weeks- 27 months)  


    Daily Program  INFANTS: Newborns at least 6 week of age are welcome and will feel safe at home in our infant classroom.  Children in this class will be cared for individually as their own need differ from friends.  Singing, read aloud, rocking, hugs, rolling, tummy time and crawling are all part of the learning exploration taking place.  TODDLERS: Children in this class must be between 18-27 months and be developmentally ready to join this classroom as determined by parents and ECDC staff to foster the greatest opportunity for success. Children participate in a play-based environment along side peers in developmentally appropriate indoor and outdoor environments.  Staff focus on social-emotional development, oral language development, sensory experiences, gross motor development, and self-soothing/self-help skills.  Circle time, stories, music, movement, art, and imaginative play occur daily in a warm and nurturing environment.  Health & safety of all children and staff are our priority. The infant/toddler program uses the Frog Street Press curriculum along with a classroom environment guided by the widely accepted Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale (ITERS).  In addition  Staff observe children's development using the Infant/Toddler Desired Results Developmental Rating Scale (DRDP).  
    Diapers/ Bathroom  Parents are required to provide diapers, pull-ups,wipes and any necessary ointments. All items must be labeled and will be kept in a bin specifically identified for your child.  Diapering happens on a regular, consistent basis throughout the day.  Parents will receive a report of the frequency and type of diaper change your child received at pick-up. 
    Meals All children attending the Early Childhood Development Center are required to bring their own lunch and snacks.  Children will be provided filtered water in their personal bottle/sippy cup.  Food will not be heated for safety reasons and should be ready to eat.  All bottles for infants must be pre-made and labeled from home. Bottle warmers will be used for infant feedings.
    Toddlers should have at least two snacks, a lunch, and at least one drink.  Please note bottles are not used in the Toddler class.

    Infants– Infants will sleep in a designated crib. Infants may be rocked or snuggled to sleep. Music and white noise machines will be used during naps. If children are showing signs of fatigue, staff will support the child to sleep even if it is not consistent with the child’s normal routine. Nap frequency and duration information will be provided at pick-up. When developmentally or physically appropriate, children will move from a crib to a cot.

    Toddlers- Toddlers will sleep on cots.  Nap frequency and duration information will be provided at pick-up.