MRs. Saunders
       I am so happy to be part of your 3rd grader's life. Each year is always new and exciting. Together we will establish a new relationship where we look forward to new beginnings. Third grade is a year of where students learn to become their own independent learner, which sets the stage for further academic success and development. For this reason, I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade. I value my job as an educator of young children and truly love what I do. My students are welcomed and introduced into the classroom as a family. We will learn, grow, and persevere together as learners. I am known for valuing student's happiness and embracing each child's uniqueness. I strive to educate children by making learning fun and purposeful, so they are passionate about learning. I truly believe if children learn through experience and are happy learners then they are capable of more than we could imagine. This is where I believe is the key to being a great learner and educator. This year our focus will be on compassion, risk taking, creating a safe atmoshpere and culture, and inspiration. My door is always open just like my teaching philosophy, where I am open to new ideas, thoughts, and communication. The classroom is a place where my students are actively sharing ideas, questioning, and engaging in fun hands on activities and lessons which all together promote a more solid depth of knowledge. Therefore, with that said, all of us, as a team, will create a learning atmosphere that is based on communication, student needs, student growth, happiness, and ultimately student success.
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