• Hello! My name is Mrs. Munoz and I am the STEAM+ Science specialist here at Carmel Del Mar School. This is my 8th year at CDM teaching in the science lab. My background is steeped in science and I hold several advanced degrees. I love teaching science and look forward to meeting you.


    I am also looking forward to another year of learning filled with questions, EUREKA! moments and lab experiences that innovate, create curious minds and inspire young children to look at the natural and man made world around them. Students at CDM will visit the science lab every week that supports the science work they do in their classrooms. The lessons are all standards based upon the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). These standards encourage students to think and learn the skills needed by scientists and engineers in the real world.


    Thank you for supporting STEAM+ at CDM and I am thankful to come to work each day to be with your children as they embark upon their learning adventure. I will guide and support them, I will encourage them to take risks and I will ask them to think about things when they do not go as planned. If you would like to get involved and volunteer your time, please contact me. Also, I am always looking for ways to enrich the curriclum with guest speakers so if you are an engineer or scientist, please consider being a guest speaker or sharing your work with us.

    Don't have a lot of free time? The science lab serves 550+ students (AND MANY REPTILES, TOO) and we are always in need of consumable supplies such as gloves, disposable cups, etc. so consider making a donation to our school. Thank you for all your support. 



    Call me: 858.481.6789 X 3590

    Email me: jmunoz@dmusd.org

    Or stop by room 404 before or after school. 


  • Mrs. Munoz