• Ashli Hansen
    Mrs. Hansen
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    Our Class Motto
    We have fun while we learn. 
    So, we've got that going for us, which is nice.
    Theory of Curriculum
    I don't teach math and social studies, I teach students. My belief is that learning is ongoing as we go through life. My job as an educator is that of learning facilitator. I know that my creative and intelligent students have just as much to add to our classroom as I do. I am here to guide students through problem solving activities so they can make conclusions about the events that occur around them. My purpose is to help students think, and think deeply. I hope to instill in them a wonder about the world around them. I encourage them to always be enthusiastic about learning and living life. I want them to enjoy life to the fullest long after they have forgotten what curriculum they studied in fifth grade.
    M.Ed. in Crosscultural Teaching
    B.A. in Child Development 

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