• Welcome to Kindergarten!
    Welcome to Del Mar Heights School! We currently have three kindergarten classes.  Our kindergarten teachers have been working as a team for 20 years. Mrs. Vargus came to the Heights in 1992, Ms. Polivka joined the kindergarten team in 1997, and Mrs. Catilus followed in 1998. Our kindergarten teachers enjoy teaching together and work closely to plan engaging curriculum.

    At Del Mar Heights we want learning to be exciting, interactive, and fun! Our kindergarten offers a nurturing academic program that will prepare each child for his or her future. We strongly believe in a developmental approach to learning. Our students are exposed to rich literature, taught problem solving in math through cognitively guided instruction, and are immersed in science and social studies activities. Our academic day is balanced with time for free exploration and social interaction. We know every child enters kindergarten at different stages in their development, so we strive to meet the needs of each individual child, igniting their potential and priming them for success.

    A key component of our kindergarten program at Del Mar Heights School is our focus on social emotional education. We believe your child’s social and emotional well-being is a crucial component to their future academic success and emotional health. By using developmentally appropriate activities, our teachers will foster the physical, social, emotional, creative, and cognitive development of each child. We teach children to be problem solvers, to express their needs,  and to be kind and thoughtful members of our school family.

    We are so proud of our wonderful school and the kindergarten program that sets children on their journey. Del Mar Heights is a special community where every adult takes care of every child. “A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.” It all begins in kindergarten!

    Gina Vargus, Tracy Polivka and Alison Catilus