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    Zoo Crew – Caring for our Animals

     About Zoo Crew

    Zoo Crew students learn about animals and their environment; awareness of the world around us; and the responsibility of maintaining our animal collection in the Science Lab. Zoo Crew members help care for our animal collection. Zoo Crew Managers are experienced animal care givers who schedule, mentor, and over see Zoo Crew Keepers care of our animals. Our Managers and Keepers maintain optimal environmental conditions and work toward breeding species to support our animals. They also provide additional support for Zoo Crew Interns to shadow and build skills in animal care. This club is open to all students in third through sixth grade who fill out an application, with the permission of their teacher and parents. 3rd and 5th grade meet on Monday and Tuesday at lunch and 4rd and 6th graders meet on Friday at lunch.


    How can I participate in Zoo Crew?

    Students must be in third through sixth grade. A permission slip/application is required
    Responsibility for the well being of our animals must be a priority. Fifth and sixth grade students can take leadership roles in training and scheduling the care for our animals.


    What does the Zoo Crew do?

    They feed, change cages, and spend some quality time with our pets.


    What kind of animals does the Zoo Crew work with?

    Our pets include: Jerry, a Bearded Dragon; Charlie a Leopard Gecko; Leo a Crested Gecko; Seth a Ball Python; Pablo a Hermit Crab; Professor, Boxy and Scooter, Red Earred Slider Turtles.


    When does Zoo Crew meet?

    At lunch in the Science Lab.  Monday & Tuesday, grades 3 & 5, Wednesday & Friday, grades 4 & 6.


    Coming soon . . . our Blog for news about our Animals.



    Down to earth in the Garden Club!

    About Garden Club

     The Garden Club provides fun work-and-play opportunities for students interested in nature. While building a love for nature, students learn about plants and how to take care of the earth and make healthy food choices. Students maintain bird feeders and work to establish a butterfly friendly garden of plants. Worms, praying mantises and ladybugs are used to keep our garden healthy. On many occasions, students will walk away with vegetables or flowers in bloom to take home learning the result of their hard work.


    Who Can Join?

    Students in second through sixth grade are welcome to join the Garden Club. Fifth and Sixth grade students take on leadership roles in planning, teaching and organizing planting and upkeep schedules. 

    Warning – you may get a little wet and dirty.


    What will we be doing?

    Planning, planting, watering, weeding, composting, and harvesting. 


    When are Meetings?

    At lunch on Thursday in the garden for 3rd through 6th grade.  

    2nd grade meets in the morning before school starts.  They can water the garden early in the morning and help us conserve water.  Bring your parent and help weed or water before school any morning.


    What does the Garden Need?

    We are always looking for extra gloves, seeds, cuttings, soil and watering cans. We have also had donations of worms, praying mantises and ladybugs. Volunteers are always welcome to help us in weeding, watering and planting.




    Green Team - Keeping Ocean Air Beautiful!

    About Green Team

    The Green Team at Ocean Air is a group of students who want to keep our school and planet beautiful and conserve our resources. Students will work toward educating us and encouraging us to do our part in recycling, conserving and just picking up after ourselves. Students are in charge of recycling and picking up paper trash around the lunch tables and in the garden.


    Who can join Green Team?

    Any third through sixth grader is eligible to join. Green Team members are expected to set a good example by recycling and picking up trash when they see it.


    What does Green Team do?

    Students meet to plan ways to educate and make the Ocean Air campus more green. They look for recycling and picking up paper trash around the lunch tables and garden. Last year we participated in the “Bay to Creek”, Beach Clean-up at Torrey Pines State Beach.


    How can we help Green Team?

    Families can help by recycling at home and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Students can submit ideas for our blog on how to become more green. We also are looking for volunteers to help with planning a few school wide projects.