• Welcome to Zoo Crew!

    Zoo crew consists of two teams, an “A” team and a “B”team.  Each team meets in the Science lab at morning recess (10:00-10:15) every OTHER day.  For example, one week team A will meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday- while Team B meets Tuesday and Thursday.  The following week, it flips so that “A” meets on Tuesday and Thursday while “B” meets Monday, Wednesday,and Friday.  Sound confusing?  Don’t worry! You’ll get the hang of it.   

    From10:00 until 10:10 each member will be responsible for an animal or a job i.e, clean cages and "zoo" area, feed, care for, and hold animals.  Once your job is finished, you will have time to visit the other animals.  The lab must be clean and all animals must be in their cages by 10:15 am.  Being late to class after zoo crew is not acceptable.  
    Current lab animals are: Sandy the mouse, Fred and Barney the fire-bellied toads, and Allie the alligator lizard.  Mr. Miler is looking to add a few more animals to his zoo such as tortoises, lizards, geckos, hamsters, rats, and guinea pigs.  Contact him directly if you would like to donate an animal at tmiller@dmusd.org.