• What is Mileage Club?

    Mileage club is an opportunity for students to get some great exercise, socialize and have some fun. Students will have the opportunity to run, walk or jog around the field every morning before school (starting at 7:45), and at lunch recess on Wednesdays!  

    Who can join?

    1st – 6th grade!!!  All of these students at Ashley Falls already have a mileage club ID card, thanks to our new program, Student Lap Tracker!  Parents, families, and teachers are also welcome to join!

    Why Mileage Club?

    A growing body of research indicates that exercise doesn't just build bodies; it builds brains! We believe that the club helps students hit the ground running when they set foot on campus.  
A healthy child learns more than an out-of-shape one.  A California Department of Education study shows a correlation between the number of state physical fitness standards children meet and how well they score on reading and math tests.