• Hi!  My name is Katy Creighton and I teach adapted physical education.  I have a multiple subject teaching credential through Cal State San Marcos and have been working in the Del Mar Union School District for 12 years.  I've taught first and third grades at Ashley Falls Elementary and most recently have been teaching adapted physical education.  I attained my A.P.E. Specialist Credential through Cal State Long Beach in 2008.  This is my eighth year teaching A.P.E. in the district. 
    My curriculum includes developmentally appropriate movement activities, games, and sports suited to the interests, strengths, and individual needs of each student.  We begin each class with a warm-up routine, stretching, body awareness and movements to songs.  Some of the activities we work on throughout the school year include:  ball skills, catching, throwing, kicking,striking, jump ropes, balance activities, parachute, scooter boards, hulahoops, modified team sport activities, and IEP objectives. 

    What Is Adapted Physical Education?

     Adapted Physical Education is a program of physical activity that includes developmentally appropriate movement activities, games,rhythms, and sports, suited to the interests, strengths, and individual needsof students.  This specialized instruction is designed to assist students in the areas of movement, play,physical and motor fitness, and to help them realize their full physical potential.  This may be achieved through:


    1)  the development of perceptual-motor skills, including coordination or sensory motor activities

    2)  the improvement of physical and motor fitness

    3)  development of a positive self-image and social skills

    4)  increased interest and skill in individual and group recreational activities

    5)  the enhancement of language and cognitive development