• Student Information Form

    As the school year draws toward a successful conclusion, we want to thank you for the many ways you support the staff and students at your school.

    During the final month of this school year, staff will begin developing preliminary 2019-2020 student placements. The placements and class rosters will be finalized in August. Many factors are considered as we make student placements. We make every effort to balance classes according to the following criteria:
    • boy-girl ratio
    • a blend of different learning styles
    • class size
    • English language skills
    • enrollment in special education
    • the need to group or separate children
    Parent input is yet another factor we are pleased to consider as we develop classes.  If you would like to share information, which we may not already have, you may download a Student Information Form.  Or you may request a form from our office staff.  Completed forms must be returned to the school office no later than Friday, May 3, 2019. Please understand, requests for specific teachers will not be considered; nor will we accept forms containing negative comments about a teacher.

    Great care will be taken to place each child whether or not we receive a Student Information Form for your child.  The final 2019-2020 class rosters will be available on on August 23, 2019 using the District provided access code which is mailed home to each family.