• About the Summit
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    Del Mar Union School District, in conjunction with UCSD, is hosting an “Educational Technology Research Summit”.

    The Summit is on August 6th at UC San Diego. The purpose of the Summit is to gather folks together that have an interest in research within education in the cognitive and neurological areas that focus on student performance and learning. We will initially discuss potential collaborations around the use of technology in the Del Mar Union School District. Del Mar is a unique school district, it is a Basic Aid funded district with the highest test scores in San Diego County (District API of 960). Del Mar has been focusing on writing and the writing process for over 2 years. Chromebooks and Google Apps were added at grades 4, 5, 6 to support these curriculum efforts. Our curriculum first approach to the integration of technology is unique to how most school districts select and distribute technologies.

    The Summit will bring together invited researchers from UCSD, Samsung Research, Qualcomm, San Francisco State University and Google.

    The focus of the event is for Del Mar to present for about 10 minutes the process and success of our Chromebook technology implementation and discuss our professional learning that is associated with the project. Then each of the attendees would describe the type of research they are interested in working on (or currently working on) (5 min) and to see if there are any matches or opportunities that would work together. Most of the researchers that will be coming are interested in cognitive science and human behaviors that lead to improved learning outcomes.

    Del Mar’s goals are: 1) validate our efforts in the use of technology to improve instruction and transformational practices in support of common core; 2) with the intellectual talent that will be assembled we are always looking for better ways to do things especially if there is a research base to support the thinking.

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