Facility Usage
    Effective August 1, 2014, we began using a web accessible software application called FSDirect.  The software can be accessed from any device with web browsing capabilities, from any location.  This includes from your school, your smart-phone and from home.  Your request will route electronically through the approval process and you will receive email updates about its status.
    For steps to get to SchoolDude Facility Usage, click on this link to download the Community Use Requester Guide:   Requester Guide
    Once you've requested use of a facility, click on the FSDirect Documents tab and print and complete the three forms:  Statement of Information, Hold Harmless Agreement, and Storm Water Protection Agreement.  Your event will not be approved until our office has received these three forms.  You can mail, fax or scan the completed forms to our office.  We also need to receive proof of insurance coverage (see link below).  Requests made during the summer will be processed after school site staff returns in August.  Be aware that your event is not automatically approved when you submit your request.  There may be a school event in your selected facility, that has not been noted on the calendar.  Do not advertise your event until you have received confirmation from our department.
    IMPORTANT:  Payment MUST BE RECEIVED 5 working days prior to the date of use of the school facilities and grounds.  If advance payment of the appropriate fee is not received in a timely manner, your event will be cancelled.

    Please note that dogs, leashed or otherwise, are not allowed on any of our campuses.

    If you have any questions, please call Julian Martinez at:  858.755.9301, ext. 3686, FAX 858.909.0475, jmartinez@dmusd.org.
    Insurance Requirements link:  Insurance Requirements
    Board Policy 1330: Use of School Facilities