• Student Testimonials
    To help with our Strategic Planning process during the 2014-2015 school year, we interviewed our fifth and sixth grade students to find out what they thought about Del Mar Heights School. Here are some of their responses. 
     Twitter Feed
    If our students could only send a tweet about the school, what would they write?

    “I think you should go to Del Mar Heights because we have the best teachers in the whole world.”

    “Come to Del Mar Heights #awesome”

    “New kids are treated like REAL person, not an alien, but a REAL PERSON. Del Mar Heights is a place to feel wanted.”

    “Del Mar Heights is fun and educational so you should attend #Del_Mar_Heights_Rules #Dolphins_Rule

    “This school is very fun and creative. I love going to the clubs. The teachers are really funny and nice and you always learn something.”

    “You must go to Del Mar Heights! The teachers make it safe and teach us more than any other school could, AND they make learning fun!"

    “Del Mar Heights is a distinguished school right next to the ocean and shows that private schools are not always better than public schools.”

    “Del Mar Heights is the best school in the universe!”

    “At Del Mar Heights you work hard, but the best part is you get to play hard with your friends.”


    “Del Mar Heights teaches you more than just academics, it teaches you a lot of life skills.”

    “Del Mar Heights is amazing! We use technology every day and do fun projects. There are no bullies or naysayers of any kind. DMHS is one of a kind!”

    “Del Mar Heights is an awesome school - the teachers can’t be beat and treat you like one of their own children.”

    “Del Mar Heights School is amazing and people of all ages, shapes and sizes would have tremendous amounts of fun here.”

    “Good environment, fun learning, friendly teachers - Del Mar Heights has it all.”

    “If you enroll at Del Mar Heights School today you will have the chance to be a part of a wonderful experience.”
     Del Mar Heights is Not Just a School
    We asked our students to finish the sentence, "Del Mar Heights is not just a school, it's...."

    …the best school ever

    …a place where people learn to respect others and learn to love their teachers

    …my second home

    …a learning playground

    …a family

    …a fun, creative place where you can explore your ideas to change the world!

    …it’s a place to have fun and be with friends

    …a place I know I will be safe

    …your future

    …a place to meet good people

    …like a big family

    …a learning tool for kids at a young age to prepare for later in life

    …a big adventure each and every day we arrive

    …a wonderful place where learning happens and friends are made again and again like

    …circles that never end

    …a playground for your mind and body

    …a developing system for kids’ minds

    …a learning paradise

    …a safe place to be

    …like a big friend family

    …also a great place to be

    …a village

    …a wonderland of learning

    …a big group of friends

    …a kind-hearted community with lots of good friends

    …a great place to enjoy nature and the ocean view

    …a place for students to feel welcome and loved no matter what

    …a home, a recreation center, a place to work out your problems, and a fine place for kids to grow

    …the best school in the world “for me”

    …a place to make friends