• New Hire Orientation 


    Congratulations on your new position in our district!  Please take a moment to read all steps below prior to getting started.  

    Note: Steps 3-8 do not have to be completed in that particular order, however, all steps must be completed PRIOR to attending your orientation. 


    The Human Resources Department is happy to have you on our team and we look forward to meeting you soon!  


    (PDF files are best viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher. TalentEd does NOT support attachments in Word format (.doc or .docx).  If you do not have the resources to scan your documents you may want to consider an outside scanning source (i.e. Kinko's, Office Depot, etc). You may wish to visit our District Office located at 11232 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130. We have a public computer station available to the public where you can complete your online hiring documentation. The computer station is available weekdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please call (858) 755-9301 to schedule an appointment to use the computer station.



    Please take the following steps PRIOR TO your orientation:

    Step 1: Accept employment offer & schedule future orientation.  
    Once you accept your employment offer and schedule an orientation with DMUSD, you will be emailed important information regarding the next steps of your onboarding process. This email will come from "TalentEd." 
    Step 2: Sign in to Talented.
    In order to proceed with your employment paperwork, you will need to sign in to TalentEd Records.  Within TalentEd, you will receive a task list of items to complete. 


    • Your TalentEd Username will be the personal email address you provided to HR during the online application process. If you applied through a different portal, an account will be created using your personal email address. (Once you begin your assignment, your Username will be updated to reflect your assigned district email address and this information will be sent to you at your new work site.) Click on the Forgot Your Password link on the bottom of the page and enter your TalentEd Username.
    • TalentEd will send you a "Reset Password" email.  Follow their instructions to create a new password for your TalentEd Records account. 
    • Sign in with your new password.
    Step 3: Complete New Hire Process online through your TalentEd Task List.
    All new hire documentation must be completed and uploaded through TalentEd.  Once you login to TalentEd, you will see a home screen that shows you a task list.  Complete each task prior to attending your orientation.  Please note, you will receive many emails from TalentEd as you go through the online paperwork process.  (For example, you will receive a new email each time you electronically sign a form.)  In addition, some tasks require you upload documents.  These must be in PDF format.  If you have any questions, please contact HR.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE!!: Complete all online forms with your name EXACTLY as it appears on your Social Security Card.  If you complete paperwork with a different name, you may be asked to complete new online forms.
    Step 4: Schedule & Attend Fingerprinting Appointment.  
    The Del Mar Union School District offers ONE location to obtain livescan fingerprinting services and all new hires must visit this location (no exceptions).  You will be assigned a Task via TalentEd specific to the Fingerprint Process. Within that task, there will be a PDF attachment you must print out and take with you. The fingerprinting office information is on page 1 of the packet. If you are unsure what your classification is, please contact Human Resources at (858) 755-9301 ext. 3661.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Employees that are hired in the following departments, will be responsible for the cost of fingerprinting, if the employee does not work for Del Mar union School District for a minimum of 30 work days.

    (1) After School Program (ASP) staff
    (2) Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) staff

    The fee of $69.00 will be deducted from the employees final paycheck, if they terminate employment before the 30 days are complete.
    • CLASSIFIED Fingerprinting Packet (After School Programs, Special Education Aides, Early Childhood, Office Staff, Maintenance, etc)
    • CERTIFICATED Fingerprinting Packet (Teachers, Psychologists, Program Specialists, Principals, Certificated Management, etc)
    • COMMUNITY CARE LICENSING Fingerprinting Packet - For Early Childhood Development Center New-Hires ONLY (EC Instructional Assistant, EC Associate Teacher, EC Preschool Teacher, EC Site Team Supervisor)
    Early Childhood Development Center new-hires, please contact the Human Resources Department to request the Community Care Licensing (CCL) Live Scan form in addition to your Classified fingerprinting packet. Please enter the Facility ID in Section 6 of the CCL based on the corresponding school site you are assigned to below.
               SCHOOL SITE                            -    FACILITY ID 
                Ashley Falls Infant/Toddler        -    376700913
                Ashley Falls Preschool               -    376700911
                Torrey Hills Preschool                -    376701160
    Step 5: Schedule & Attend Pre-Placement Physical Appointment.  
    The Del Mar Union School District offers ONE location for pre-placement physical screenings and all new hires must visit this office (no exceptions).  Pre-placement Physical Exams are divided into two categories, Group I and II. The type of position determines which category of exam will be given.  You will be assigned an online task for Pre-Employment Physical and Drug Screen. Please click on the task link to find the forms necessary. You must print the PDF attachment and take forms to clinic.  If you are unsure of which group you need, please contact HR.  
    • Group I INCLUDES: Administrative, After School and Instructional Staff EXCEPT Special Education
    • Group II INCLUDES: Special Education Teachers and Aides, Maintenance & Operations, Custodial, Child Nutrition Services
    Step 6: Obtain a Tuberculosis (TB) Screening.
    Prior to employment, new employees must have a current test showing freedom from active TB on file with Human Resources.  DMUSD does not pay for the cost of TB screening.  TB Tests are valid for four years.  If you would like, you may obtain a TB Test at your physical appointment.  Other location options may be found below.  
    Be sure to scan/upload your TB Test Results to your computer, as you will need to upload this document to your TalentEd checklist.
    Step 7: Complete Mandated Online Training(s).
    A link to this training will be emailed to you, along with instructions on how to navigate the training.
     Once you complete this training, you will be able to print a Certificate of Completion.  Please print this certificate as a PDF document, or scan/upload to your Completion Certificate to your computer, as you will need to upload this document to your TalentEd checklist.  See link below for detailed instructions.
    Step 8: Bloodborne Pathogen Training..
    Please You will be enrolled in an online training module for Bloodborne pathogens. You will be receiving and email from JPA Learning Library (www.jpalearninglibrary.com)
    Step 9: Read WC Materials and sign WC Notice Form.
    Please read and review the WC packet below that notifies you of your Workers' Compensation benefits.  Please note, the "Predesignation of Personal Physician" form within this packet is OPTIONAL and must be completed by your personal medical doctor (M.D.), doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.) or medical group if you wish to have them treat you for work-related injury or illness.  
    Please print & sign the signature page below once you review the WC information.  Be sure to scan/upload your WC Signature Page to your computer, as you will need to upload this document to your TalentEd checklist.  

    Step 10: Read Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Notice.
    Please see the Employee Notice of Coverage Options below.  This Notice contains important information regarding health insurance marketplaces, premium subsidies that may be available to you, and details regarding your health insurance plan.  Please read this Notice carefully.  You may receive a paper copy upon request without charge.  If so, please inform Human Resources at your orientation. 
    Step 11: Read Healthy Workplaces/Healthy Families Act of 2014 
    Please see the link below.  You may receive a paper copy upon request without charge.  If so, please inform Human Resources at your orientation. 
    Step 12: Attend orientation.  Be sure to bring the following to your orientation:
    • Proof of Fingerprinting Appointment (Documentation from Fingerprinting Office or Scheduled Date)
    • Cash or Check ($69.00) for Fingerprinting Cost, If Applicable (See Step 4)
    • Proof of Physical Appointment (Documentation from Physical Office or Scheduled Date)
    • Drivers License (Original, NO Copies Accepted)
    • Social Security Card (Original, NO Copies Accepted)
    • PLEASE NOTE: You will also be taking a photograph for your employee badge at your orientation.  Please be sure to wear any color EXCEPT blue for this photo.


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