•  Meet the Teacher: Mr. Lima

    Mr. Lima
    858-755-1060 Ext 3802 
    Room C2
     My Fortress of Solitude
    I look forward to my 12th year of teaching and my 5th year at Sycamore Ridge School.  I've enjoyed my time here in Del Mar; every day has felt like a vacation.  
    I started my teaching career in 5th grade in the little town of Rainier, WA. All in all, I've taught one year at 4th, six years at 5th grade, and four years at 6th.
    I earned my teaching credential and Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Washington State University, and a Masters Degree in Administrative Leadership from Grand Canyon University. In addition, I earned an AAS in Microcomputer Technology from Grays Harbor College. 
    GO HAWKS!  

     My Interests & Personality

    I really enjoy going outside and experiencing the awesomeness of nature.  Going for a run with my dog Tina, with some music in my ears, and ending at the beach or in some canyon is enough for me.  I like to stay active and try new things.  I'm really into keeping up on sports, especially my favorite teams.  I'm a bit of a foodie in the respects that I like to eat, try new food, and am always looking to avoid getting hangry.  I like picking people's brains about different places to try out, so feel free to share.
    In class, you'll find that I get very excited very easily.  I stay pretty positive EVEN when I'm hangry or in need of coffee.  I feel that a "positive something is better than a negative nothing."  I love what I do, but especially enjoy getting to know my students and motivating them.  I am also looking to learn each day and enjoy the school experience.  If I'm bored, my students will be too.  Above all, I want to see students being comfortable, not being afraid to be themselves.  That's when I see them taking risks in their explorations, using potential mistakes as a means of success.