• Ms. Erin's Class Wish List
    Our class has wish lists for educational supplies at the following places: Amazon and Lakeshore.
    Lakeshore Learning - Ms. Erin's Preschool Class Wish list ( www.lakeshorelearning.com/my-shoppinglist-page/gl183335092).
    The items on the list will help us provide a better learning environment for your children to learn.  
    Below are the items that we use frequently in the class and could replenish them regularly.
    Art & Sensory Supplies:  
       -Elmer's brand glue sticks            -cotton ball                   -playdough      
      -beans                                   -lentils                      -rice                          
       -pom pom balls                             -paper plates               -pasta
       -dry erase markers
    Classroom pantry:
       -baby wipes            -hand sanitizer            -kleenex            - Velcro          
      -Ziploc bags (sandwich/quart/gallon)    -Clorox disinfecting wipes
    Any donations of used books, games, toys, and gift cards to iTunes, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Michaels, or Lakeshore stores are always welcomed.
    Thank you in advance for your help.  Your generosity is highly appreciated!