• Early Childhood Development Center (ages 3- Prekindergarten)

    Torrey Hills 

     Program Options

    - Preschool 2 Class-
    Children in this class fall under our "Preschool Component" and must be 3 years old by September 1st. They must be "secure potty users."  
    -Prekindergarten Class, 4-5-
    For children who will be 4 years old by September 1st (aligned to CA Kindergarten entrance dates) and fully potty-trained. Children must be potty trained, showing independence with self-help skills.  This class is designed to prepare students for attendance in kindergarten the following school year. 
    Snack and Lunch 
    Child designated areas for snacks, lunch, and napping will be provided.  Efforts are made to avoid food allergies.  The entire ECDC Preschool, regardless of location, is a peanut-free facility.All children attending the Early Childhood Development Center are required to bring their own lunch and snacks.  Children will be provided filtered water in their personal water bottle.  Food/drinks will not be heated or cooled for safety reasons and should be ready to eat.   

    Preschool children should have at least two snacks, a lunch, and at least one drink (water preferred.)  The ECDC urges parents to pack healthy options filled with fresh fruit and veggies to expose children to solid eating habits.  We discourage fruit juice and opt for water.  

    Nap Time and Bedding
    During nap time, children sleep on cots provided by the Center.  Please provide a blanket and fitted sheet for your child.  All bedding will be sent home at the end of the child’s scheduled week to be laundered and must return the following week. A comfort item (“lovey,” stuffed animal, special blanket) may be used during nap time.  Staff will not wake sleeping children except in cases of emergency or by parent for early pick up.
    As per licensing, all full day children are required to "rest" for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.  Starting at 1:00 in our Preschool 2 and Prekindergarten class children will lie down on a cot for a rest/nap time.  Children are not required to sleep, but will lie quietly to let their bodies rest.  Children may be given books to read quietly on their cots.