• Interdistrict Transfers

    The Governing Board recognizes that students who reside in one school district may apply to attend school in another school district and that such requests are made for a variety of reasons. A permit authorizing a student’s attendance outside his/her district of residence may be issued upon approval of both the district of residence and the district of proposed attendance.

    Annual reapplication for all interdistrict attendance permits for students coming into the Del Mar Union School District will be required based on the potential for overcrowding of school facilities at the relevant grade level.

    The Superintendent or designee may approve interdistrict attendance permits for the following reasons:

    1. The student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) are employed full time by the Del Mar Union School District. 
    2. When the student has been determined by staff of either the district of residence or district of proposed attendance to be a victim of an act of bullying as defined in Education Code 48900(r).  
    3. When a student has a sibling(s) attending school in the receiving district, to avoid splitting the family’s attendance.
    4. To allow a student to complete a school year when his/her parents/guardians have moved out of the district during that year.
    5. To allow students to remain with a class graduating that year from an elementary school.
    6. When the parent/guardian provides written documentation that the family will be moving to the district in the immediate future and would like the student to start the year in the district.
    7. When a student will be living out of the district only for one year or less.

    The student must remain enrolled and attend school in the district of residence pending the application process for an interdistrict attendance permit.

    The Superintendent or designee may deny initial requests for interdistrict attendance permits due to limited district resources, overcrowding of the school facilities at the relevant grade level, or other considerations that are not arbitrary. The Superintendent or designee may deny an interdistrict attendance permit submitted for a student who has been found to be fraudulently enrolled in the Del Mar Union School District.  Such denial will be for the remainder of the school year such student was determined to be fraudulently enrolled. 

    Timeframe for District Response

    In accordance with Education Code 46601, the Superintendent or designee will notify the parent/guardian by mail of the approval or denial of an interdistrict attendance permit within the following timeframes:

    1. For requests submitted during the regular school year, the District shall respond within 30 calendar days of submission of the interdistrict attendance permit application.
    2. For requests submitted for admission in the subsequent school year up to 30 days prior to the start of the subsequent regular school year, the District shall respond within 14 calendar days of the start of the subsequent school year.


    Requesting an Interdistrict Transfer

    To request an interdistrict transfer, download the forms below. Fill out the top portion, then have the district of the student's residence complete the appropriate section of the form. After the district of residence has completed their portion of the form, then the form should be sent to the district of desired attendance for review. 

    The District begins accepting Interdistrict Transfer Applications for the upcoming school year on April 1, or the first Monday in April if April 1 falls on a weekend.