Message from the Superintendent

September 2016

Welcome to an Exciting Year!

It is the second week of the new year and already our classrooms are buzzing!  Every school is alive with learning, and every school looks fantastic!

Much has happened behind the scenes in the days and weeks leading up to our first day. Teachers were busy making sure everything was “just right” for our students when they arrived. Children and parents searched for new lunch pails and backpacks. Plant managers and custodians cleaned and prepared every inch of the school. Office staff took great care to place every child in a classroom. Thousands of people played a part in the preparation leading up to the big day – the first day of school!  And that day was magical!

What makes the new year magical? Our students are filled with anticipation about meeting new teachers, seeing returning friends, and welcoming new friends. Teachers are filled with excitement about starting a new school year and getting to know each new child. The excitement and wonder of a new start reminds us that each child comes to school with tremendous amounts of hope and anticipation for the best year ever. Every teacher, every principal, every staff member plays an important part in making this year a wonderful one for each child.  

Making Our Way to “WOW!” 

What does that mean?  Every day we are making our way to “WOW!”  We know now we are doing great work with children.  Our children receive a great education, but what makes the Del Mar Union School District exceptional is, we don’t stand still.

We are living in a world brimming with opportunity and it is rapidly changing, which presents unique challenges in meeting the needs of today’s students. Cognitive knowledge and skills are deeply important, but, alone, they aren’t enough.   How do we prepare our students for an innovation era?  What is the purpose of education today? Every day in our district we are putting ideas in motion and making them happen for your children.  As we take our next steps, you will see they are steps to even deeper learning.  To educate, to innovate.

We do outstanding work with clear vision, clear direction, and a talented team of teachers and support staff.  Our teachers are teaching children how to think, question, discover, and learn. Throughout this year, we will stretch students’ minds beyond what we may have thought possible. It is going to be a terrific year in DMUSD!

You are a Critical Piece

DMUSD is an exceptional district, and we extend a heartfelt welcome to each and every child and family member! Our students and their families are truly special – our children shine academically and their families are remarkable.  I encourage you to play an active role in your child’s school life this year! 

 Growth in the community…

Welcome New Families and Staff…

We are thrilled to have greeted 4,561 new and returning students this year, and we are excited about the many wonderful new students and their families! We have welcomed 494 new little kindergartners and 424 new first through sixth graders (918 new students total).  We have greeted 760 new families to our district!  We have also added 50 new employees to our 600 returning employees.  We extend a warm welcome to every new member of our DMUSD family!  We are glad you are here!

A Word About Safety…

Your child’s safety and security is our top priority. Please be sure to read your school’s handbook about site-specific safety practices at your child’s school. As part of our ongoing collaboration with the San Diego Police Department, this past summer officers walked each of our school sites to understand and document the layout of each campus in order to be prepared to assist in the event of a fire, earthquake, or other emergency. We are proactive in our actions to ensure safety at all times. 

Looking forward to a wonderful year!

We are committed to making sure every child in our district experiences a wonderful year.  Collectively, as a community of involved parents and talented educators, we will provide our students with meaningful learning that will prepare them for bright futures! Thank you for working with us to make our schools an incredible place for children to learn and grow.


Holly McClurg, Ph.D.

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