• Learning Genie

     Learning Genie
    For Educators:
    Documentation- quick and easy note taking, supports picture and video evidence gathering, aligned to DRDP assessment tool. 
    For Parents:
    Updates- Receive instant updates on your child’s day at school: pictures/videos, activities, mood, books, songs, school reminders and daily routines (diaper, meal, nap for infant/toddlers). Never miss a moment.
    Reminders- Stay on top of important school events and reminders from teachers: all automatically synced with your calendar.
    Learning Media- Access songs and books used during class! All at your fingertips. Extend interactive learning at home, and establish a greater relationship with your child.
    Parenting Tips-  Receive multimedia parenting tips and best practices recommendations from educators – customized for your child’s needs from his/her teacher