• May/June Superintendent's Message to the Community

    Bold Steps Forward!

    Looking back 6 years...

    We embarked on an exciting journey back in 2011, which defined eight core strategies that led our work until now.  At that time, the DMUSD Strategic Plan set out to realize our vision to develop innovative, global thinkers and to accomplish goals in our educational program, technology, communication, student well-being, and budget. Our district has experienced great success in our pursuit of those goals over the past six years. A final analysis of our progress shows remarkable results in every category, as measured by student academic achievement, professional expertise of our staff, the safety and well-being of each child, and fiscal responsibility.  

    And now we move on to our next chapter and a fresh and exciting look to the future!

    District Design 2022! 

    Throughout the past few weeks, we have garnered input from hundreds of educators, parents, and industry experts as we work to define the long-term goals for the coming years, as well as priorities for the 2017-2018 school year.  District Design 2022 will clearly articulate our vision, mission, and priorities moving forward.  We can assure you that we will stay true to providing a high quality instructional core that is defined by strong academics and strong instructional practice.  High functioning learning spaces throughout each school will influence robust collaboration and interactive learning.  Environments will be alive with critical thinking, real-world applications to solving problems, and curiosity that is encouraged via creativity and innovation. 

    In this bold plan, it is our priority to make the school experience increasingly meaningful for each student. This requires us to look at skills, in addition to high academic achievement, that are most important for today’s students.  These skills require students’ ability to think and learn across disciplines, connect multiple ideas, create new knowledge, and engage in breakthrough thinking. We must take a serious look at the current school experience.  We must listen to our students and pursue improvements to the highly institutionalized school system of structures and beliefs that, in many ways, has not changed in decades and is too often described by today’s students as disconnected and lacking relevance to their world. 

    June 2017 will mark these two important points in our district's history - the culmination of a six-year Strategic Plan and the creation of a bold new District Design 2022 that reimagines our work through 2022. Thank you for being part of the process. We are excited to take on the challenges of District Design 2022!   


    Holly McClurg, Ph.D.


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