• F.A.Q.’s
    Q.: How many students will be in each class?
    A.:  No more than twelve (12) and offered to as few as four (4).
    Q.: How will students be grouped?
    A.:  Language classes will be established and students will be grouped according to grade level and language level with a maximum of three language levels. Depending on the number of students wishing to enroll, multiple classes may be formed.
    Q.: We have some background in Spanish/Mandarin.  What if Spanish I/Mandarin I is not appropriate?
    A.  Depending on need and teacher availability, there may be the opportunity to add classes at higher (more advanced) levels.
    Q.: I have a Kindergartener whose dismissal will be a 12:30pm every day for the first six weeks of school.  What option do I have, other than picking them up and bringing them back for class at 2:30pm?
    A.:  Our After School Program offers fee-based after school care starting at dismissal for Kindergarteners at each school.
    Q.: I have registered my children, but I have not been told where they will attend school in the fall.  I want to register for one of the Berlitz Language classes:  At which school do I register them?
    A.:  It is your choice to either register your child at your “home school” or wait until you receive notification of the school they will attend in fall.  Registration for language classes is open through August 30, 2017.  We will make every effort to accommodate all students who register for Berlitz Language classes.
    Q.: My student has taken a year (or two) of Sing n’ Speak Spanish.  What do I do?
    A.:   The Berlitz classes being offered are Spanish I according to the Berlitz curriculum.  We encourage families to share their student’s background in Spanish in the appropriate comment section in the on-line enrollment.  Sing ‘n Speak Spanish will be offering limited Year 3 through Year 5 classes at selected schools (AF, CDM, OA, SC, SR, TH) during this transition year for those having already progressed to higher language levels.