Getting To and From School


    To help facilitate the drop off/pick up experience, Ocean Air has a cadre of adults that assist with the drop off/pick up procedures. Cars are greeted every morning by cheerful parent volunteers and staff members who will assist children in exiting the car swiftly and safely and to help get you on your way. In the afternoon, staff members help and load students into cars. 

    We request the following to make the program a success:

    • Please pull all the way forward in the drop off lane before allowing your children to exit or enter the vehicle. Please pull as far forward as you can.
    • Utilize the parent and staff valet volunteers by pulling all the way forward while in the drop-off/pick-up line
    • Children should exit the vehicle on curb side only
    • Please have all backpacks in the front seat or next to the child, rather than in the trunk
    • Please listen to and follow the directions given by the adults in the orange vests who direct traffic
    • Please be respectful and follow the instructions of the parent volunteers and staff members assisting so that the traffic flows
    • Drivers, please remain in your vehicle. Parent volunteers and staff members will open doors and help the children exit or enter the vehicle. Additionally, staff members will page your children so that you may remain in your vehicle.


    During afternoon pick-up, families are reminded that it is violation of Traffic Code 22400(a) for cars to stop in the roadway and impede the flow of traffic. Following are some suggestions we can embrace as a community to limit unsafe conditions caused by school traffic, and also avoid parents receiving violations:

    • Park your vehicle and walk up to school to pick up your children
    • Encourage your children to be ready and waiting together, as a group, for you in the pick-up lane so that staff can load vehicles more efficiently
    • If you arrive before 2:30 PM and are able to secure a spot in the pick-up lane, please pull all the way forward so as many vehicles as possible can fit in the lane
    • Please place the sign with your child/children’s names on your dashboard to assist valets


    As many of our students and families walk to and from home after school, please be mindful of your speed and drive safely in and around our neighborhood.