The purposes of homework at Sage Canyon School include: developing responsible study skills and work habits, practicing a skill or process that students can do independently but not fluently, previewing or preparing for new content, and reflecting or elaborating on information learned in class to deepen students’ knowledge.

    Homework is assigned at Sage Canyon School as follows:

    • K-2nd grades assign a weekly homework packet on Monday that is due on Friday.  Teachers encourage parents to read with their children on a nightly basis as well as review assignments and provide immediate feedback.
    • 3rd-6th grades provide a combination of nightly homework and long-term projects.  Students record assignments daily, and teachers post assignments on their websites.  Students are encouraged to read nightly, and parents are encouraged to spot-check student work.

    The staff at Sage Canyon School believes that a successful homework policy includes the teacher, student, parent triad of learning.

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Assign purposeful homework at the appropriate level of difficulty.
    • Clearly communicate routines, directions, and expectations to parents and students.
    • Create a system to continually communicate daily assignments and projects (website, student agenda, HW log, homework packet, and/or class newsletter).
    • Continually monitor the amount of homework and provide feedback to parents and/or students

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Work with your parents to find a quiet place to do your homework.
    • Create a schedule for when you will do your homework (think about all other after school activities that you will have to work around).
    • Independently, complete homework to the best of your ability.  Ask questions if needed.
    • Tell parents and/or teacher if your homework is too hard (you don’t know how to do it, not it’s too much work).
    • Make sure you have the materials you need to complete your homework when you leave school.
    • Make sure you have the materials you need for the school day when you leave home in the morning.

    Parent Responsibilities:

    • Work with your child to find a quiet, consistent place to do their homework.
    • Create a schedule for when your child will do their homework (think about all other after school and family activities that you will have to work around).
    • Encourage your child to complete their homework independently.  If your child is consistently spending too much time or is having difficulty understanding assignments, please contact the teacher.
    • When it is time to go to bed, please stop your child even if he or she has not completed their homework.