• Superintendent's Message to the Community

    November 2017

    We are in unrelenting pursuit of the extraordinary school experience for every child!  DMUSD District Design 2022 is a call to action for all of us, for it places the focus right where it should be – on taking cues from our students as to what the school experience should be.   This is such a wonderful opportunity we have right now to be a part of creating a culture that inspires the genius in each person – child and adult.


    We are committed to the highest quality academic program for each child.


    Our mission is to nurture and ignite genius.  We are in the midst of doing just that.


    An important part of this initial stage is to get the voices of our children, get the voices of our staff, and get the voices of our parents.  In order for students to learn and possess agency, where students customize learning goals around clear expected outcomes, we must listen to our students.  For students to build upon their unique skills, passions, and interests, we need to hear from children about what those are.  The coming weeks will include opportunities for children and adults throughout our community to express their opinions and good thinking.  Most importantly, let’s tune in to kids, for that is whom we must rely on to really lead us in this mission.


    I mentioned agency, which is one of our five principles guiding the work of District Design 2022.  But, what do we mean by student agency and how do we develop that in students?  When we ask students about their learning, when we say things like, “What do you think you should do?” – those are subtle but significant steps toward turning the ownership of learning over to our students.  Agency in students requires that students do not respond passively to their circumstances; they seek meaning and act with purpose to achieve the conditions they desire in their own and others’ lives. (District Design 2022)  In our district, we are fostering agency and we can see it in the subtleties in our classrooms, but we can also see the development in very tangible ways through our initial work in Design Thinking and the work our Design Engineers are spearheading throughout our eight schools. 


    District Design 2022 is a multi-year plan, and it will take time for us to truly transform our system.  But each day, in subtle and very significant ways, we are moving closer to realizing the extraordinary school experience.



    Holly McClurg, Ph.D.



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