• What does your child need for school?

    - BACKPACK: Please make sure the backpack is large enough to accommodate art
    projects and important paperwork. The tiny "cutesy" backpacks will not work, nor accommodate
    the necessary items.  Also, please have your child carry his/her own backpack to foster independence.

    Please check your child’s backpack daily for their RED FOLDER, artwork, flyers, etc...

    - LUNCHBOX with SNACK and LUNCH: Please send in a daily snack and lunch for your
    child using plastic or metal containers for food. No glass please. Please include water and
    juice or boxed milk. During the warmer months it is a good idea to send a separate water
    bottle labeled with their name so your child can hydrate throughout their school day.

    We are a NUT FREE school.  A great alternative to PBJ is sunflower
    seed butter.  Please keep this in mind when packing your child’s snack and lunch.

    - CLOTHING: Please send your child in play clothes. They learn through lots of
    messy and sensory play. Elastic waist shorts or pants are best to allow them
    maximum independence when dressing and undressing in the bathroom. Please
    don’t send them to school with difficult buttons, snaps, buckles and/or belts. Please
    ensure that we always have a complete change of clothing (shorts/pants, t-shirt,
    socks and underpants). You may send it each day in their backpack or we can keep
    it at school in their bathroom cubby until needed. Accidents do happen and we want
    to be prepared.

    - SHOES: Please send your child in playground safe shoes each day, preferably
    sneakers/tennis shoes. Flip flops, sandals, Crocs and slippers are not safe and
    therefore not permitted.

    - DIAPERS/PULL-UPS: If your child wears pull-ups or diapers please send a two-
    week supply (approximately 15-20) and an unopened box of wipes. We will let you
    know when we need more.