Del Mar Union Schools are Changing
  • Most Commonly Asked Questions

    How are we tracking and measuring if this is working?

    San Diego County Office of Education's Assessment, Accountability, and Evaluation department has partnered with us to provide a Developmental Evaluation (DE). This approach facilitates real-time feedback to staff to create a continuous development loop. DE is commonly used during major systems change to provide feedback about how a change is unfolding; generate evidence for how an innovation may need to change or adapt before taken to scale; and diffuse system principles in an effort to have a broader impact. SDCOE is committed to working alongside us on this evaluation process for the duration of our DD 2022 implementation.

    How can I get more communication about what my child is doing, specifically what is different and better?

    There are many ways to stay connected to the classroom learning. Teachers are using a variety of communication methods, to include weekly newsletters, Twitter, and PowerSchool Learning. Principal emails, as well as the school Twitter and Facebook page, also provide a window into classroom activities. Additionally, watching the superintendent's weekly WOW video and reading her monthly messages will inform you of the district's progress moving forward.

    If this is happening here, what will happen in middle and high school?

    Our students will be successful in both middle and high school because they will have the ability to think and learn across disciplines, connect multiple ideas, create new knowledge, and engage in breakthrough thinking. San Dieguito High School District is aware of the innovative approaches happening at the elementary school level through meetings attended by all the feeder district Assistant Superintendents (Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Cardiff, Rancho Santa Fe) to share best practices. 

    You mentioned facilities and different learning spaces/classrooms. What do you mean?

    Our goal is for environments to inspire students. As such, we have five objectives for our learning spaces:

    1. Students  use  open,  collaborative  spaces,  indoor  and  outdoor,  to  engage  in purposeful learning matched to their learning styles and/or  tasks.
    2. Students  access  flexible,  comfortable,  age­appropriate  furniture  that  promotes collaboration,  creativity,  and  productivity.
    3. Students  learn  in  environments  they  play  an  active  role  in  creating.
    4. Students  flow  within  flexible  spaces,  and  schedules  are  matched  to  individual student’s  needs.
    5. Students  use  a  variety  of  technology  tools  in  all  environments.

    How and why is Design Thinking being used in the classroom?

    Design thinking is the toolbox through which we empower students to ignite their own inner genius and change their world. Based on empathy, our design thinking experiences challenge students to identify needs and ideate solutions. They learn how to brainstorm with others, how to give and receive feedback, and how to use that feedback to better their prototypes. These challenges not only provide students with an engaging and meaningful experience, but they also provide relevant opportunities to master academic content standards.

     To learn more about Design Thinking in Del Mar Union: