• Before School Care Locations are staffed from 6:30 am-8:00 am on all school days.

    Ashley Falls: Room 610  Phone: (858)259-7812 x3060

    Carmel Del Mar: Room ASP 1  Phone: (858)481-6789 x3550

    Del Mar Heights: Room P1  Phone: (858)755-9367 x 3391

    Del Mar Hills: Room P6  Phone: (858)755-9763 x3436

    Ocean Air: Room 601  Phone: (858)481-4040 x3950

    Sage Canyon: Room ASP A/B  Phone: (858)481-7844 x3159

    Sycamore Ridge: Room ASP 1  Phone: (858)755-1060 x3850

    Torrey Hills: Room P7  Phone: (858)481-4266 x3757

    Please click the link below for your school for the gate that will be open for your arrival.