Negotiations Session #1 10/18/2019
    Negotiations Session #2 12/11/2019
    Negotiations Session #3 1/18/2019
    Negotiations Session #4 2/26/2019
    Negotiations Session #5 3/28/2019
    Negotiations Session #6 4/26/2019
    Negotiations Session #7 5/28/2019
    Negotiations Session #8 6/3/2019 Tentative Agreement Reached
    Tentative Agreement reached June 3, 2019

    With regard to salary/benefits:

    • 4% increase (retroactive to July 2018) on schedule
    • 2% increase on schedule for 2019-20 school year
    • 1% salary increase for Range 5, Starting at Step 14, effective 7/1/2019
    • Increase the extra duty pay from $35 to $40, effective 7/1/2019
    • Eliminate “per diem” rates of pay for extra duty, and replace with $65 per hour for instructional or specialized service pay
    • Initial salary placement for SLPs will start at Step 10
    • Provide CSHA conference reimbursement, up to $500 per year, to SLPs
    • Provide an additional $5,000 annual stipend to School Psychologists, in exchange for 5 extra days per year.  This would be optional for existing School Psychologists.
    • Increase the benefits cap by $500, effective 7/1/2019

    With regard to contract language:

    • New language that limits the bargaining teams to six members per side.  Previously, the contract had no limits.
    • Eliminated a 10 day rule for attaching statements to write ups in Personnel files.
    • Clean up language changing reference limitations to derogatory evidence in Personnel files from three years to four years, to match Ed Code.
    • New language that requires new certificated employees work an additional two days per year, at their per diem rate, in order to attend orientation at the beginning of the year. 
    • New language that provides employees with five bereavement days in the event of the death of a unit members spouse or child.
    • New language that clarifies open enrollment periods for the Catastrophic Leave Bank.
    • Clean up language that limits shared contract benefit sharing to full package splits only. 
    • New language that designates two CLWs per year be scheduled for collaboration around report cards or student progress as determined by site administrators.
    • New language that provides the District will make a good faith effort to place combination teachers in one of the two grade levels in the combo class when enrollment no longer necessitates a combo class.
    • Clean up language on the salary schedule to eliminate references to out of date practices.