• 2020-21 Learning Options

    For the 2020-21 school year, DMUSD is providing two learning options: 

    Option 1: In-Person Learning

    FAQs for in-person learning are available here. 

    An in-person learning experience will be provided at every DMUSD school. According to recent California legislature, public schools are mandated to provide at least the minimum number of instructional minutes for at least 180 days of school during the 2020-2021 school year. Based on that requirement and in alignment with the guidelines for safely reopening schools established by the California Department of Public Health, we are committed to offering an in-person learning experience which ensures the health and safety of students and staff. Each school site will create a Safe Reopening Plan that documents all of the established health and safety guidelines as they pertain to each specific site.

    • A welcoming, joyful return to school will occur for every child.
    • All students in grades K-6 will attend a full-day schedule for 5 days per week.
    • All staff and students will participate in a symptom screening and temperature check process prior to entering campus.
    • Schools will be closed to visitors. Access to schools will be limited to students and essential staff.
    • Staff will wear face coverings/face shields.
    • All students in grades K-6 will be required to wear face coverings.
    • A rigorous schedule of cleaning and disinfecting will be implemented at each site throughout the day. One additional custodian is being hired for each school site.
    • Increased handwashing and personal hygiene practices will be facilitated throughout the day.
    • Students will remain in class cohorts throughout the day to limit their contact with other students.
    • Classroom and outdoor space will be maximized for learning in order to facilitate physical distancing to the extent practicable both inside and outside of the classroom.
    • Sharing of materials will be limited. Students will have their own set of supplies (crayons, markers, pencils, etc.)
    • The district will adhere to a plan for responding to staff or students who become ill or are exposed to COVID-19.
    • The district will respond to positive cases of COVID-19, which may include temporary closures of classrooms and/or schools as directed by local health officials.


    Option 2: Launch (Distance Learning Program)

    FAQs for Launch are available here.

    The Del Mar Union School district is offering an online, distance learning program called Launch as an option for students during the 2020-2021 school year. This robust, yearlong program will encompass a year’s worth of content and learning and will be significantly different when compared to emergency remote learning opportunities offered during school closure. Launch will operate as a separate program within the Del Mar Union School District and will include students from all eight DMUSD schools.

    • DMUSD’s District Design 2022 vision and mission are guiding principles of Launch.
    • Pedagogy and instructional practice will align, to the degree possible, with in-person instruction.
    • STEAM+ learning opportunities will include PE and Art.
    • Comprehensive learning experiences will be designed around grade level standards.
    • The instructional calendar and school schedule will align with the DMUSD district calendar.
    • Regular attendance in Launch is required each day according to the DMUSD student calendar.
    • Online, daily live (synchronous) instruction will be combined with asynchronous instruction and independent learning tasks. 
    • Students and/or parents will attend in-person meetings with their Launch teacher. This time will be scheduled by the Launch teachers based on student needs. If a student is unable to attend an in-person meeting, other arrangements will be made.
    • Feedback on learning and grading will be consistent with in-school expectations and based on the learning plans of students. 
    • Credentialed teachers and support staff are DMUSD employees trained in facilitating distance learning instruction.
    • Parents/Guardians must take an active role in the daily teaching of their child. In this role of learning coach, they will be responsible for providing daily instructional support and collaborating with the Launch teacher. Home support of Launch and attention to the learning needs of Launch students is essential to success in this program.
    • Parents should be prepared to commit for one year. If it is necessary for a student to transfer out of this program, enrollment in the student’s previous school of attendance will be determined based on space availability.
    • Students assigned to the Kindergarten Spanish Immersion program are not eligible for enrollment in Launch.


    Sample Launch Schedules