• Motor: Kindergarten & Fourth Grade


    Key Concepts:Kindergarten Simulation

    1. How the nervous system controls movement.

    2. How trauma to the nervous system can cause impairment to movement. 

    3. Ways to protect the nervous system from environmental hazards.

    4. Understanding of and tolerance toward individuals with motor disabilities.

    Core Curriculum:

    A) Scientific Inquiry 

    Through scientific inquiry students will learn: 

    • All Individuals are united by underlying similarities yet distinguished by differences that serve to make us unique.   

    • The differences in motor function due to disease/disability. 

    • The components of the nervous and muscular systems. 

    • How environmental factors may impact the motor nervous system and deduce what components may be affected by injury/disease to lead to illness/impairment.  Discussion will focus on what steps can be taken to protect the nervous system (i.e. helmets, seatbelts).  

    B) Simulation - Experiential Inquiry 

    Students will experience what it is like to have fine and gross motor impairment through a variety of activities including; manipulating small object while wearing gloves, navigating through obstacles with their legs bound together, and trying adaptive equipment  such as wheelchairs and walkers. 

    C) Community Ambassador 

    Students will have an open-ended discussion with a disabled individual. They will learn about the challenges they face as a result of their disability with emphasis on previous lessons.