• Hearing: Second Grade


    Key Concepts:

    1. How the nervous system controls hearing.

    2. How insults to the nervous or auditory system cause impairment to hearing. 

    3. Ways to protect the nervous system and the auditory system from environmental hazards.

    4. Understanding of and tolerance toward individuals with hearing disabilities.

    Core Curriculum: 

    Second Grade Simulation

    A) Scientific Inquiry

    Through scientific inquiry students will learn: 

    • The anatomical parts and function of the ear.  

    • How hearing can be impaired by infection or trauma to the eardrum, trauma to the cochlea, inflammation, developmental defects, and disease.  

    • The complex interactions between the brain and the ear and how different species have different hearing adaptations. 

    • The physics of sounds waves, how sounds are created, how they travel and how sound can be described by its pitch and volume. 

    • How the senses work together and how the loss of one sense may amplify the other senses.  

    B) Simulations - Experiential Inquiry  

    Students will explore how sound travels using a variety of tools, and will experience how asymmetry and the speed of sound help the listener determine the location from which a sound originates.  Students will experiment with sound amplification and how sound travels through their bones through the use of tuning forks, amplifiers and hearing aides. Students will also use computers to hear sounds the way someone with hearing loss would hear sound.  Students will learn about decibels, the effects of environmental noise pollution, and measure sound in decibels.  Students will experience what it would be like if they could not understand or process what they are hearing. They will examine auditory processing impairment using pattern blocks where one student makes a pattern and describes it to a second student who tries to reproduce it upon description alone.  Even though the partner understands all the words, it is difficult to make sense of the instructions.  Students will learn a song in sign language. 

    C) Community Ambassador

    Students will have an open-ended discussion with a disabled individual. They will learn about the challenges faced as a result of their disability with emphasis on previous lessons.