• Sixth Grade: Cognition & Communication


    Key Concepts:

    1. How the nervous system controls learning and communication.

    2. How insults to the nervous system can cause impairment to learning and communication (e.g. autism, mental retardation – lead exposure)

    3. Ways to protect the nervous system from environmental hazards.

    4. Exploring students’ individual learning style (multiple intelligences) and discussing strategies for using strengths to maximize weaknesses.

    5. Exploring concepts of verbal and non-verbal communication 

    6. Understanding of and tolerance toward individuals with cognitive and communication disabilities.

    Selected California Curricular Standards:Sixth Grade Simulation

    • Practice effective communication skills to prevent and avoid risky situations. 

    • Encourage a school environment that is respectful of individual differences.  

    • Analyze personal behaviors that may lead to injuries or cause harm. 

    • Demonstrate ways to communicate respect for diversity

    Extension Activities:

    • Teacher led shared reading and discussion of books centering on characters with learning and/or communication disabilities such as mental retardation and autism.

    • Learning Styles – My Smart Chart – Children will learn theories of multiple intelligences and will explore their own strengths and weaknesses.