• The library will be looking for volunteers at Back to School night, please sign-up!


    • Should your child’s library book need replacement due to loss or damage, you will receive a notice for a twenty dollar replacement fee.  Please do not buy a copy of the book; it must be replaced with a library bound and data-based book that is ordered specifically for library collections.  Send in your replacement fee as soon as possible so that your child can continue to check-out books.


    • Caring for library books:  Each student is responsible for their library book from the moment they borrow it, so we advise that library books be kept in backpacks at home when they are not being used.  Books should be kept away from food, drinks, pets, etc.    Accidents do happen though, so if a library book is damaged, we kindly ask that you or your child bring it to our attention immediately. Also, please help to keep the outside of your library books clean by wiping them down with a damp cloth or wipe before returning them.


    • If you have books to donate to the library this year, please check the Library page on our website for the dates when we will be collecting books for our used book sale.  We will only accept book donations during those designated dates.


    Ms. Nancy Pronko
    Sage Canyon Librarian