• Measure MM

    Citizens' Oversight Committee

    The Del Mar Union School District accepted applications for its Measure MM independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC) through February 28, 2019.  For more information on the COC, please visit the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC) web page


    Measure MM and Facilities Master Plan

    The Del Mar Union School District has provided a quality education to the students in our community since 1906.  Our elementary schools serve as a community hub and help improve and protect the value of homes in the District.

    We are proud of the education that our District provides, but some of our schools are 40 to 60 years old and all of our schools need or will need major modernization.  In addition, we currently do not have a school in the easternmost part of our district where the majority of our population growth is occurring. Our local schools need to be updated to improve student safety, modernize and/or reconstruct existing buildings, and build a new school in East Pacific Highlands Ranch.

    The District has gone through an extensive process to gather community input and update our Facilities Master Plan to meet the needs of the whole DMUSD community.  This process produced an updated Facilites Master Plan that was unanimously approved by the DMUSD Governing Board of Trustees at the July 25, 2018 Board Meeting. The approved Facilities Master Plan will guide the facilities work across the District.

    State funding for school improvements is limited, and DMUSD does not currently qualify for any matching funds.  In order to maintain quality education in our local schools, the DMUSD Governing Board of Trustees voted unanimously to place a bond measure on the November 6, 2018 ballot to generate up to $186 million for construction, reconstruction, and modernization of DMUSD school facilities, and this bond measure passed with over 61% of votes cast in favor.

    Please see the links below for additional information about DMUSD's facilities needs.