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    Welcome to Ashley Falls School

    • Welcome to the Ashley Falls website! We are thrilled to share the wonderful learning that is occurring here on our campus. Thank you for taking the time to visit us online.

      Ashley Falls and the Del Mar Union School District are at the forefront of education! Students are working hard everyday to communicate, collaborate, create, and critically think. Every day each student is analyzing text, supporting their thinking with examples, explaining their thought process, collaborating with peers and teachers, and learning from one another.

      We know that students must be prepared for a new world: a world where your children will have jobs in industries that may not even exist yet. Because of this, we must prepare our students to become learners and participate in the process of learning. We support students by providing them specific and immediate feedback to help them acquire and strengthen learning and behavioral outcomes. Students are learning in every class to become self-directed learners, community contributors, complex thinkers, quality producers, effective communicators and effective and ethical users of resources.

      Ashley Falls also believes in educating the whole child. We use the 8 Keys of Excellence as our school’s character education program to guide our students toward a positive future full of confidence, motivation, creativity, team work, leadership and valuable life principles. The 8 Keys builds strong character in our students and models how to live a life of excellence that will help them both inside and outside of the classroom. The 8 Keys of Excellence include: Integrity, Failure Leads to Success, Speak with Good Purpose, This is It!, Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility, and Balance. 

      Preparing our students for the future through important learning and behavioral skills, as well as a strong curriculum focused on Common Core State Standards is our passion. Ashley Falls School is truly a magical place and we are thrilled to join our students and families on this journey of educating innovative, global thinkers.