• CDM Families and Students: 

      Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year and the 25th anniversary of Carmel Del Mar School! 
      The upcoming school year brings all of the excitement of new beginnings, new experiences, and new opportunities to learn and grow. The enthusiasm and wonder of children reminds us that each child comes to school with tremendous hopefulness and anticipation for their best year. Every teacher, principal, staff member, and parent plays an important part in making this year a great one for each child. 

      The CDM Staff and I feel privileged to have so many wonderful students and families working alongside us and look forward to partnering with you this year. Carmel Del Mar School is committed to providing a nurturing and inspiring educational program for all of our students. We are ready to embark upon our new District Design 2022 plan (https://www.dmusd.org/Page/145) and eager to see the limitless possibilities of our efforts in providing your child(ren) with an extraordinary school experience. It is our goal that each student realizes his or her potential through our challenging academic program. In addition, we want each child to develop the skills they will need to be successful in the 21st Century – effective communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and character.

      Carmel Del Mar School, the "School With a Heart," believes in educating the whole child and including our community members in the educational process. We are proud of our collaborative relationship with our dynamic and involved parental community. So many wonderful aspects of our school rely on the continued support of our parents and CDM is thriving due to these strong relationships.  

      Another year of learning, wonder, and fun lies ahead. We are excited to have our students return to campus and look forward to all the gains we will achieve this year. See you on campus! 

      Jessica Morales