Dear Torrey Hills Families,

Welcome to Torrey Hills Elementary School and the 2016-17 school year!  We are proud to be at Torrey Hills because it is such an exciting community where we are devoted to giving our best for our students. 
The Torrey Hills’ team is dedicated to providing a world class education with a focus on high quality teaching and learning in all subjects. We do this work in alignment with the common core standards in order to ensure that every child is college and career ready.   Students in our classrooms benefit from integrated lessons to enable students to create, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions and ideas. We are thrilled to continue to provide powerful learning opportunities in art, music, technology, science, research, and physical education in order to expand students’ interest in learning and their understanding of the world.

We know that Torrey Hills’ students are our future. When they complete college, our students will step into a world that we can only imagine.  This amazing future will require that our children learn to approach unforeseen problems using teamwork, critical thinking skills, and technology that is waiting to be invented.   At Torrey Hills, the faculty is preparing each of our children for a bright, challenging, and exciting future.  We are continuing to hone and enhance our best instructional practices so that students are able to write creatively and persuasively at very advanced levels.  We strive to engage our students in complex conversations and original thinking when reading and discussing literature.  We guide students through analyzing, comparing, evaluating and responding to multiple non-fiction texts. Our highly prepared students will be ready to take on the world!

We are enhancing our mathematics instruction to emphasize a focus on conceptual learning, problem solving and analytical thinking.  In the upcoming school year, the faculty will continue to create classroom environments that promote problem solving and independence, as well as the ability to collaborate and communicate their ideas effectively.  We celebrate our students for their deep thinking, and working well together.

In addition to the academic and enrichment opportunities at Torrey Hills, students benefit from the tireless efforts of the PTA and DMSEF.  The efforts of our PTA, DMSEF, and countless volunteers, support our emphasis on developing the whole child.  We look forward to another rewarding year at Torrey Hills where we recognize each child’s potential to imagine, discover, and grow.   I look forward to working closely with all community members.  We are going to have an incredible new year!

Monica Sorenson
Principal, Torrey Hills Elementary